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Exclusive Interview Collection


Matt Aitken
(Music Producer, Writer & Musician)

Mike Stock
(Music Producer, Writer & Musician)


Pete Waterman (OBE)
(Music Producer)

Simon West
(Video & Film Director)


Mike Prior

Nick East
(Former Supreme Records Managing Director)


Kathleen Bray
(Hair Stylist)

Phil Harding
(Music Producer and PWL 'Mixmaster')


Pete Hammond
(Music Producer & PWL 'Mixmaster')

David O'Dowd


Steve Powland
(Music Producer)

Paul Rider


Pete Schwier 
(Music Producer/Engineer)

George De Angelis
(Music Producer)


Clive Black
(Former EMI A&R Manager)

Arianne Poole
(Make-Up Artist & Brand  Owner)


Chris Edwick

Nick Willing
(Film Director)


Marc Andrews

David Levine


The Pete Waterman Interview - Trailer

The Nick East Interview - Trailer

Since our launch, back in 2013, we at have had the distinct pleasure of interviewing an array of talented professionals who all contributed to Mel & Kim's global success.

These talented individuals have provided many exclusive insights into the girls' career and all the work that went on 'behind the scenes' to ensure their worldwide success, as well as sharing their own personal memories - many for the first time publicly.

It is important to be mindful that these interviews represent the memories and opinions of the individuals themselves, and the views and opinions expressed in these interviews are those of the interviewees, and do not necessarily reflect Mel or Kim Appleby, or Nation Records.  

We feel privileged to be able to conduct these interviews, not only to provide fans with new information on the sisters and their incredible and enduring success, but also to satisfy our own curiosity as long time Mel & Kim fans ourselves.

All interviews in this section of the website are the property of Dancing Nation Records/, and the photographs used are the property of their owners as credited.  Any usage of content (written or image) without the appropriate written consent/permission of the individual owner is strictly prohibited and unlawful.  Please contact us at if you are interested in acquiring usage rights for any content displayed.

You will find many Mel & Kim and Kim Appleby interviews in the International Press Archive section of the website!

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