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We aim to create a fitting tribute to Mel & Kim Appleby, with the hope of the website becoming a comprehensive archive to the sisters' amazing accomplishments and achievements within the entertainment industry.  We would like to extend our thanks to the following individuals who have contributed their time, recollections, talents and support to help us towards achieving this goal:



Matt Aitken * Marc Andrews * George De Angeles * David Anthony * Brian Aris * Peter Ashworth * David Bailey CBE

Brett Bennett * Clive Black * Lola Borg * Garry Bushell * Kathleen Bray * Michiel Brunt * Kate Calloway * Stuart Cameron

 Rossella Canciani * John Candland * Ged Clarke * Robert Clivilles * Robert Copsey * Alan Coulthard * Trevor Cumming * Ian Curnow  Grayson Dantzic  Michael Davies * Hazell Dean * Nick East * Chris Edwick * Mark Fisher * Kate Garner * Pete Hammond * Phil Harding

Fran Jepps * Jeremy Kay * Chris Lambert * Craig Latto * David Levine * David McCubbin * David O'Dowd * Mike Owen

John Palmer * Arianne Poole * Mike Prior * Marti Richards * Paul Rider * Nathan Robertson * Tim Rooney * Steve Rowland * Tilly Rutherford

Pete Schweir * Ambrosine Shitrit * Corey Simmons * Paul Simper * Mike Stock * Michael Sturm * Pierre Terrason * Toni Tuesday

                   Vlad Turculet Denise Waterman * Pete Waterman OBE * Andy Wetson * Simon West * Nick Willing * Stephen Woof                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Thank you to Mel & Kim's worldwide fanbase, who continue to support us.

Lastly, we would like to express our huge appreciation for the support offered by Kim Appleby, whose kind words of encouragement have meant so much. 


Krisztian & Iain.

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