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More Than Words Can Say is viewed, by many fans, as an untapped gem on the F.L.M. album, But - unknown to some - the beautiful 94 BPM ballad did in fact receive a limited single release in Sweden, to promote the 1989  Something Special compilation album. Mega Records, which is based in Denmark, produced many of these Something Special compilation releases for several well-known pop/dance-artists in the late 1980s, and these included various released remixes of the featured acts well known songs, alongside some much-loved album tracks.  


More Than Words Can Say is easily one of the best ballads to come out of 'The Hit Factory', and it certainly would have made a fitting international single release, to round off the F.L.M. album project, had things been different. Unlike Mel & Kim's other recordings, the song features solo vocal performances on its verses, with many automatically assuming that these were shared by both sisters. However, fans were surprised when it was revealed to be Kim singing solo on the all the verses. The lower tone and fragility in Kim's voice lends itself beautifully to the song, and the melody of the production matches her vocals perfectly.  


For many fans, More Than Words Can Say has taken on a very significant meaning, considering its emotive lyrics, which are made all the more poignant in retrospect, especially as they are sung by Kim. “And I dreamt that you left me, taking away the light from my day. And I couldn't replace it” 



More Than Words Can Say received a limited release in Sweden, to publicise the Something Special album, although no official promotion and no video was produced to accompany it. The same Mike Prior shot from the Something Special album sleeve was used for the sleeve of More Than Words Can Say.  It shows the sisters, in an alternate shot from their That's The Way It Is sleeve photo shoot, sitting back to back with their legs stretched out while looking moodily into the camera.


More Than Words Can Say was originally released on 7” vinyl, as a promotional disk in 1989, in Sweden, and features the F.L.M. album version of the song on both side A & side B.  Instead of a picture sleeve, the 7" promo came in a plain white sleeve with 'Mel & Kim - More Than Words Can Say' typed across it, along with an orange sticker stating 'Promotional Copy Mega Not For Sale'. The recording did go on to receive a very limited official release in Sweden, with the sisters penned track – You Changed My Life, on its B side.  This was on 7” vinyl only, and no 12” singles or compact disks were produced by Mega records.


As became a common practice for PWL, other Hit Factory artists went on to record More Than Words Can Say, including Carol Hitchcock, Hazell Dean, and Des Dyer, although many would agree that the Mel & Kim version remains definitive.


In the sleeve notes of the 2010 Cherry Pop release of the Deluxe F.L.M. reissue, Kim recalled her apprehension when she was asked to record the song as a solo performance. “When Mike (Stock) told me that he wanted me to sing the song solo, I remember being absolutely terrified and I tried to convince him and Matt (Aitken) that Mel was the one who should sing it. Mike said that he felt my vocal would be perfect for the sound he wanted for the song, which is why he chose me. I reluctantly put a vocal down while Melanie encouraged me from the control room. Mel is on backing vocals. I was pleased with the results when I heard the mix and it did wonders for my confidence. The feedback on this song from the fans and critics was, and still is, really positive".


Until 2010, the only official mix of Mel & Kim's interpretation of More Than Words Can Say was the Album Mix, on the sisters' debut - F.L.M., which begins with electric guitar chords, courtesy of Matt Aitken.  The piercing guitar chords lead into the mid-tempo beat, and then Kim's vocals, carry the verse through to both sisters singing the chorus.  


With the release of the Deluxe edition of F.L.M., the official Extended Mix of More Than Words Can Say, mixed by PWL engineer  Yoyo became available. This had been one of many of the F.L.M. tracks which had received extended versions during the original mixing of the album and had been intended to be used for promotional purposes only. The Extended Mix has little to differentiate it from the Album mix, other than extended instrumentation which bookend the original production.

The 2019 Singles Box Set, released by Cherry Red, included the Instrumental.


Interestingly, the master tapes also include The Mike & Matt Version of More Than Words Can Say, which, so far, remains unreleased.  This version has an alternative intro which starts with the beat before the electric guitar kicks in. Throughout this version the beat is slightly different to The Album Mix, although it utilises the same vocal track as the album mix.


It is easy to appreciate why More Than Words Can Say has remained a fan favorite, and it seems especially appropriate that it would have been linked to an album titled Something Special, as the track certainly is just that. The combination of the emotive lyrics, the fragility of Kim's beautiful vocal delivery, and the melancholic, poignant quality that flows through it, only gains strength as the years pass by.  

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