SYSTEM, 1986  



The original track penned for Mel & Kim’s debut had an R & B/soul sound, similar to Princess’s hit - Say I'm Your Number One.  Different mixes of System were produced and even some test pressings manufactured before the decision was made to relegate a dub mix of the track to the B side in favour of Showing Out.  It was only with the release of Mel & Kim’s debut album that we finally heard the full vocal version of System.


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September 20th 1986, U.K. Chart #3



Mel & Kim’s debut single commercialised the Chicago house sound which had been bubbling on the underground scene and presented this to the mainstream music industry.  Showing Out encapsulated the sister’s personalities whilst showcasing their vocal talents and cheeky, ballsy attitude. The song became a major hit, topping the charts all over Europe and presented Mel & Kim as an original 'Girl Power'

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February 23rd 1987 (U.K. Chart #1)​



The sisters second single exploded onto the charts all over the World and earned them major success and recognition.  Respectable was originally written about Mel & Kim not giving a damn about tabloid reports on Mel's glamour model past and, ironically, it did make them Respectable after all with sales of over 2 million copies worldwide.  Respectable continued the Chicago House theme and it's hook - "Tay, Tay, Tay...... - a vocal effect sampling the first word of the chorus became and remains, instantly recognisable.

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April 13, 1987 (U.K. Chart #3)​


Mel & Kim's multi-platinum debut album was originally planned as an 8-track release with 6 strong dance tracks and two solo ballads. Kim took the lead on More Than Words can Say and Mel was to sing lead on Feel a Whole Lot Better.  The latter was eventually vetoed and both sisters sang on FAWLB, however Kim's solo on MTWCS (with Mel on backing vocals) was included with another song added taking the track list to nine.  The Japanese, U.S. and Canadian releases of the album featured completely different artwork and photography by Peter Ashworth and the song, FAWLB was retitled ‘Whatever It Is’.  These releases also featured slightly longer cuts of System and ITOWRLY and, interestingly, the latter also featured the original chorus vocals from the Austin Howard release instead of Mel & Kim’s superior vocals which featured on the album releases across all other territories.

F.L.M.  3.53
Showing Out  5.10
Respectable 5.40
Feel A Whole Lot Better 4.23
I'm The One That Really Loves You  * 3.40
More Than Words Can Say 4.07
System [UK Album Version] 4.06
From A Whisper To A Scream 3.24
Who's Gonna Catch You 3.31


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29th June 1987 (U.K. Chart #7)​


The sister’s third single was the title track from their debut album.  However, the single version of F.L.M. (an abbreviation of Fun, Love & Money or Fu*king Lovely Mate) was freshened up with a remix by Pete Hammond to make it a more comfortable progression from their previous two singles.  F.L.M. provided Mel & Kim with their third international smash despite their inability to heavily promote the track.

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(U.S. Release only)​


The cover of this 1986, Austin Howard release was planned as the first official U.S. single to help break Mel & Kim into the US market.  ITOWRLY was released on promo with extensive remixes by Civilles & Cole of the famed ‘C + C Music Factory’.  (An unusual move given PWL’s tendency to produce in house remixes only)  Unfortunately Mel's health condition shelved the official release of this track and the US promotion ​halted.  Despite this the track reached No 11 on the Hot Dance Club Chart.

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(None U.K. Release)​


This single was a promotional only release in Sweden to promote the Something Special compilation album.  Originally featured on their album - F.L.M. – the track is one of SAW's best ever ballads. The melody matches Kim's vocals perfectly and the lyrics are all the more poignant in retrospect.  Other PWL artists also recorded the track although Kim’s recording remains the definitive and far superior interpretation.

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February 15th 1988 (U.K. Chart #10)​


This song was originally demoed, by Kim, in November 1987 then re-recorded with both sisters in January 1988 and, sadly, would be their final single release.  TTWII stuck with the dance sound that had become synonymous with Mel & Kim but the production was less effects driven with a purer pop vibe.  Despite Mel & Kim being unable to promote the track with performances, TTWIS still provided them with a hit all over Europe.   The TTWII releases included some of the Civilles & Cole remixes of ITOWRLY as well as a Mel & Kim composition; a song entitled 'You Changed My Life' which remains a fan favourite.

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n the summer of 1989, Mel and Kim signed over to EMI records with plans to release a new single by the end of that summer.  Meantime, Supreme Records commissioned Alan Courthard to produce a megamix and new versions of Showing Out, which they planned to release to coincide with the new Mel and Kim single. Unfortunately that never happened, and despite an early release in France & Germany in 1990, it was withdrawn after Mel's passing.

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February 23rd 2018 


After a 30 year hiatus, Mel & Kim returned to the global charts with the very song that had launched them as a signable act. Where Is Love was recorded in early 1986, and the track brought the sisters their record deal with Supreme and paved the way for all that came next.  For it's 2018 release, Where Is Love was reinterpreted by a host of production talent and, as well as exciting fans, introduced Mel & Kim to a whole new generation.

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